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Medical Disinfectants

Decontamination, disinfection, and sterilization actions which are performed in hospitals are indispensable elements for any infection control program.

Performing proper disinfection actions in a proper way at hospitals, healthcare facilities and ambulance cars, through proper chemicals with mechanical cleaning is necessary and most important requirement to defuse or destroy microorganisms and maintaining a healthy environment.

Multiple harmful microorganisms may remain virulent throughout days or even months. They are also easily transmittable from one surface to another. Our product range consists of comprehensive range of high level and mid level disinfectants, concentrated and ready to use cleaners with enzymes, for treating surfaces, floors as well as manual and automatic medical devices. 

Endoscope Washer & Drying Cabinets

Cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes after every procedure is required to prevent cross-contamination. Our endoscope washers deliver both safety and quality, fully automatic with single and double endoscopes usage.


In addition, our drying and conditioning cabinets prevents recontamination and formation of biofilms resulting in the safe use of endoscopes.


Our cabinets provide safe drying and storage for flexible endoscopes. 

Airborne Fumigation

Our fully automated airborne disinfection machine is designed to disinfect areas up to1000m3. It is used for disinfection of environment by pulverization in critical areas such as operating room, intensive care, burning unit, infected patient rooms, laboratory, ambulance cars, as well as public areas such as airports, factories, schools, nurseries. 


Our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) consists of approved and certified CE &/or FDA gloves, hazmat suits, safety footwear, and respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to protect from different possible viruses including Covid. 

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