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Our Story

Founded in 1993 as a regional hub for the Gulf, Middle East and African countries, our company aimed in providing value-added consumer health care products in specialized categories within the retail and professional sector: pharmacies, hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories, physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers.


Providing Quality and Innovative State of the Art products and patented formulas for the people’s health and well-being is our core aim and philosophy as an organization. 


The strong network of local and regional partners provide us a bigger challenge to grow further and exceed expectations.

We continuously seek to extend our distribution network in the ETMEA region.

Business Principles

We favor successful and solid long-term business development with reliable and professional partners in each of the markets. We recognize that consumers place their trust in our brands and product lines and therefore it is very important that our partners are also aligned with this given trust.  


Emphasizing on attitude, behavior, responsibility, integrity and competence of our management and team members is a key definition to professionalism.

Tradition with Modernity

The demand for consumer health care products has experienced a boom in the past 50 years and is consistently rising. The majority of our brands portfolio are manufactured mainly Switzerland. Other products line are manufactured in France, Germany, and Turkiye.

We are a modern company with 30 years of unique history and experience in the Middle East and Africa region, and more than 80 years of knowledge from our ancestors, enabling us to learn from, and continue promoting growth through innovative and patented formulas.

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