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Oral Care
Whitening & Hygiene

Patients' desire for white teeth is often at odds with the negative effects of aggressive bleaching methods, such as hypersensitivity and damage to tooth enamel. A developed and innovative formulation that contain the “best of the best”, with the most modern knowledge, patented and ensuring gentle but effective gentle whitening and cleaning of the stained and sensitive teeth... 

In addition, plaque is a colorless sticky form of bacteria that constantly builds up on our teeth. If the cleaning process fails plaque reacts with minerals, food & dirt in your saliva and hardens to tartar. It is important to have tartar removed, because it greatly increases the risk of decay and gum disease, chronic gingivitis and degenerative tooth loss may be the outcome. Dental scientists now know that poor oral health care can contribute to the development of diseases like diabetes and coronary disease....


100% Made in Switzerland!

Dental Disinfectants

In a dental practice, cleaning and disinfecting the surrounds, work area and equipment is fundamental for guaranteeing the safety of both healthcare professionals and patients.


Biological risk stems from the presence of an array of microorganisms, such as bacteria, cells and viruses which can contaminate air, water and work surfaces. The task is to counteract the bacterial count, thus keeping the risk of infection at bay. 


Dentists and their helpers must carry out thorough cleaning activities, using appropriate antiseptic solutions and detergents for surface, dental units and instruments, floor and for sure hand hygiene.

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